Saturday, December 12, 2009

Recommitment to the Crock-Pot

So this week, after stumbling across the official Crock-Pot website, I have decided to use my crockpot for my main dish cooking all week. I'll post recipes after I've tried them.

I am currently putting together this weeks grocery shopping list and menu early because tomorrow is Hubby's birthday and I told him to pick his b-day meal.  Of course, he picked his favorite - grilled cheeseburgers.  I told him that wouldn't be a problem as long as HE was the one outside grilling in the 30 degree weather.

Our menu for the work week will look something like this:

Monday: Pork Chops of some variety I haven't decided on yet, because I found three new recipes and can't decide on which one to try first.

Tuesday: Beef brisket sandwhiches - I make plenty of roasts in my crockpot, but havent tried to make anything like this before.

Wednesday:  No cooking - Hubby works late on Wednesdays so the kids and I grab something easy or leftovers.

Thursday:  Meatloaf - I've made it in the oven, but never in a crocpot. Should be interesting!

Friday:  Leftovers and movie night!

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